Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

Carrier® FAD Dealer

Why it Matters?

To Carrier®, the highest reward they give to dealers is the Factory Authorized Seal of Approval. This seal represents the dealer goes above and beyond to treat their client’s home comfort future as Willis Carrier (Founder of Carrier®) envisioned, strived for, and was determining to create.

The reward of being a Carrier® FAD means you, the customer receives the highest level of care, and quality by Carrier®, and Carrier’s® trusted Dealer.

Our Partnership

In 2004 we received our Factory Authorized Seal from Carrier®. To us as a company this was a huge turning point. We had been selling Carrier® for years since Garber Heating first opened its doors in 1972. Up until 2004 we were a trusted dealer for Carrier® home comfort systems, to be honored with the FAD seal and status our commitment to the brand, and customers grew. Today we strive for the same practices and teachings Willis Carrier, and all at Carrier® expect from their dealers. Our goal is to deliver the best, and most reliable home comfort system for your home, office or commercial building.

Not Convinced?

You can buy any unit from any dealer, and most dealers will serve to your needs, but may not always be able to provide the best price, install, and service. With a Carrier® FAD dealer, we take out all the “what-if’s” putting the best practices first such as: commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, training and education of installers/service technicians, certification of the product, and brand loyalty.

With all that, you also get Carrier’s® most trusted trademark…

Carrier® President’s Award

Every year Carrier® presents select dealers with the award of exceptional growth of sales, service, and commitment to their customers. This award is difficult to receive, and makes dealers strive to be the best, not just average. The award is only given out if a FAD dealer makes continued growth in residential/commercial sales, customer satisfaction and maintains the brand loyalty of Carrier® in all their practices. Receiving the award means Carrier® has recognized us as a trusted dealer, going above and beyond the FAD requirements, inviting us into the spotlight, and putting forth our brand, next to theirs.

Our Awards

In the past 10 years Garber Heating & Air Conditioning has had the honor of receiving this award three times: 2007, 2008 and 2017. None of this could have happened without the support, and dedication of our teams, and you our customers. We look forward to the next time we can receive the dedication, and continue to improve striving for these goals every year.