Memberships & Community

Morton Chamber of Commerce

Our Home Town

Garber Heating & Air Conditioning was first founded off the iconic Main Street here in Morton, Illinois, and we see no reason to change that. Morton is a beautiful township full of businesses, hotels, farms and parks. Within the town there are several major companies, some of which include: Libby’s Pumpkin – a Nestle Company, Precision Planting, Yordy’s Turkey, 360 Yield and a slew of trucking and farm businesses that keep Morton on the map. The community itself is focused on family, events and tourism. Morton offers a variety of tourist destinations from the local parks, sport facilities, shops, restaurants and an iconic downtown district. Also to mention, Morton, IL is the Pumpkin Capital of world as the locals like to say, and we hold the annual Pumpkin Festival every year showing off our great pride of being the world’s Pumpkin Capital. We here at Garber Heating and Air Conditioning have been proud to call Morton, IL the home of our corporate office, and love to give back in supporting the local community by being members of the Morton Chamber of Commerce.

Washington Chamber of Commerce

A Friendly Neighbor

Being a close neighbor and township to Morton, Illinois we have also shared a welcoming group of customers from the Washington, Illinois area, which is why we choose to continue our support with the Washington Chamber of Commerce, who in turn focuses on supporting and pushing local businesses. The WCC is a great group of individuals working to grow and develop their town, but still maintaining the history, and traditions of culture they came from. With local festivals, business development, tourism and more, we have always strived to uphold the level of professionalism customers of Washington expect. So whether you own a business within the iconic Washington Square, live in one of the many beautiful old houses, or maybe you are just a member of the township, we look forward to serving you.


Rebates for Ameren Services

If you power from Ameren, we have you covered. Garber Heating & Air Conditioning is an Ameren Illinois Program Ally. Partnering with Ameren, we are able to provide customers with Ameren rebates, and programs on both new, and old systems. Depending on the make, model, year and efficiency of your system, we can help you apply for a rebates on a brand new system. Sound like a lot of work? – Easy, just give us a call, our sales team will handle all the paperwork and submissions for you. The best part is, even new Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats also apply for savings, and rebates!

Rebates for Corn Belt Services

Powering with Corn Belt? Maybe it is time to look at more cost effective solutions for your home comfort system. Garber Heating & Air Conditioning is a Corn Belt Energy Partner, meaning when you are looking to lower your spending cost on energy, we can help you save with Corn Belt Rebates. Corn Belt offers a variety of rebates, but the two of their main ones are on Heat Pumps and Geothermal Systems (GeoCents). Sometimes it is more cost effective to buy new, and we are here to help. Learn more, and see how we can help you save not only in the future, but every day cutting your energy costs.

Better Business Bureau

Accredited & Certified

We are proud to be members of the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois. Being a part of a national program like the BBB helps us bring in more customers, and is just another way to find information about our company. Almost since our beginnings we have put our trust in supporting the BBB, and have been focused on maintaining a A+ rating, not just for the rating status, but to show customers and consumers why we are trusted. As a member of the BBB we are accredited and a verified company by the BBB. We continue to help the efforts of keeping contractors reliable and accountable to homeowners, and businesses within the Central Illinois area.